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About Us

What We Believe

Stubby Pencil Drill"Stubby Pencil Drill:  Any manual, repetitive, inefficient task that you punish Stubby Pencil Drill
yourself with for no better reason than it's what you've always done."

We can all agree that technology has made our life better.  If, however, the question becomes, "Has technology made our life simpler," well then we might not be able to answer so quickly.  After all, most businesses don't "get rid" of old technology; we simply "add more" to the mix; more databases, more methods of communication, more  passwords to remember, more stuff...stuff... stuff.  Furthermore, in most areas of our professional and personal lives, we expect to receive value, professionalism, kindness, and empathy from our vendors.  However, somewhere along the way, we stopped expecting these basics, and instead accepted that our IT vendors and staff would treat us like uneducated dopes.  The truth is, IT projects don't have to be intimidating, you just need friendly, knowledgeable, real people to guide you through the process.

Halo Applications and Communications, LLC has a specific, 14 point methodology that helps to demystify  the confusing, ever-changing world of technology.  Our goal is to reduce the number of "stubby pencil drills" you have in your office.  

Common Phrases that indicate you have a Stubby Pencil Drill:

  • "Here's my business card, but don't look at my website because_____________."
  • "I have a database that _____________."  or
  • "I need a database to_______________."
  • "The new system doesn't like the old system, so I ________________."
  • "(insert day of the week) is the day I make my reports."
  • "I have no idea what my staff is working on."
  • "Has anybody seen (insert sales rep) this week?  I need _________________."
  • Our (insert software function) doesn't work most of the time, so I just______________"
  • "I have no idea what my inventory is."
  • "Is it Friday already?"

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